Sun. Sep 25th, 2022
4 Reasons Why Bodor Laser Machines Are So Efficient

One of the best things about Bodor laser machines is that they are highly adaptable and have smart control features. With this in mind, the laser head can be adjusted for various focal lengths, allowing users to perform different types of cutting operations. An autofocus function helps operators avoid operator error and saves up to 90% of cutting time. Another great feature of a Bodor laser machine is the closed-loop gas pressure control system, which stabilizes cutting quality by automatically adjusting the pressure. These features come with built-in safety features that help avoid collisions with workpiece.

Assist gas consumption contributes to operating costs:

Using a high-quality cutting oil to maintain the laser’s cutting head increases its performance and minimizes downtime. However, impurities in the assist gas can cause damage. These impurities can land on the cutting head’s cover glass, causing hot spots and costly repair. When the cover glass breaks, the laser cannot complete the cutting process. To prevent this from happening, the machine’s lubrication system is equipped with an alarm and a control center.

Fiber laser technology is faster and more economical:

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a cutting machine includes direct costs and indirect costs. While a fiber laser cutting machine may have higher initial acquisition costs, the cost per part is low, and the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower. Higher levels of automation can increase productivity and reduce TCO. CO2 lasers can be fully automated with full lights out operation and automatic nozzle changes. Lens autofocus eliminates manual intervention.

Reliability and durability:

One of the main advantages of buying a Bodor laser machine is that they are relatively cheap and dependable. Before buying a Bodor machine, determine how often you will use it. Also, consider the size and weight of the machine. If you plan to use it regularly, it would be good to buy one with a long warranty.

Assist gas consumption affects cutting quality:

When setting up your laser cutter, you should consider the consumption of the assist gas. Assist gas plays a vital role in the cutting process. As the name implies, it helps in the exothermic reaction of the molten material during the laser cutting process. Most new operators do not think to adjust the assist gas when they experience bad cuts. Instead, they tend to slow down the feed rate. This solution works, but it increases cycle time and essentially defeats the purpose of a laser cutter.

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